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What is it?There are three key factors that have seen the mobile internet become a reality:1. better handsets, screens and memory2. better data connections through 3g3. flat rate data-pricing.Most mobile users in the UK now have both internet browsing and email capabilities on their phones. In fact surveys have shown that 46% of people in the UK have accessed the mobile internet. With such a large number of users there is significant potential for marketing and advertising.With the advent of internet focussed phones, such as Apple’s iphone, some have argued that the mobile and PC internets are the same, and thus specific strategies or content for each audience is unnecessary.The other side of this argument is that the mobile internet is significantly different for a number of reasons:1. handset screen and keyboard size make the functionality and experience different2. the user experience with mobile means that they will tend to access in the internet in short bursts or ‘snacking’3. the MNO portals and repurposing of content means that the mobile user will see a different internet to the PC user (see below).How does it work?When most users log in to the mobile internet they will be taken to their operator portal, Vodafone Live! or T-Zones. Although many of these portals or ‘walled gardens’ include search tools, they make it difficult for the user to navigate outside of them.To log on to the mobile internet outside of these walled gardens requires a good technical knowledge of the phone and internet settings.Significantly, the MNOs repurpose content, ostensibly to improve the speed and compatibility with the mobile device. This can mean that the look and functions of a website are quite different to the PC-based internet. It also means that some sites, depending on the network are blocked entirely.A few examplesGoogle have already made significant inroads to providing mobile search and mobile applications, such as email and maps. As yet, the company has not included it’s AdWords advertising into these applications but is widely expected to do so at some point.In the UK, Admob is the largest third party mobile internet advertiser offering a mobile specific pay per clicks service similar to other internet PPC providers.

Important Tips for Internet Marketing Success in 2014 – Mobile Internet Marketing

Information technology is developing rapidly and internet marketing has to follow. The trends in this field are changing annually and you have to keep up if you want to become and remain successful. Find out how to stay up to date with the latest trends in 2014.Get a mobile website.While in the past few years, it was highly recommended for businesses to have a mobile website now this has become mandatory for effective internet marketing. With the smartphones and tablets becoming ever more advanced and affordable, most people prefer to browse the web and to shop online on the go. During 2013, 10% of the sales revenue of ecommerce businesses came from sales made via mobile devices and this percentage will increase in the coming years. If you want to retain existing customers and gain new ones, you have to invest in a mobile website straight away.Focus on re-targeting.It has been estimated that only around 2% of the first-time visitors to an ecommerce website actually make a purchase. Re-targeting is all about making those “window shoppers” return to your website and make a purchase. This is done through the use of browser cookies and a specially designed program for rolling ads. Whenever a visitor to your website goes to another site, they will see an add linking back to it. For the best results, the ad should be targeted depending on the products which the person has viewed on your website and should offer a special deal.Use social media advertising.This is one of the major trends in internet marketing and in social media marketing, in particular. The social ads appear directly in the content of social networks rather than on the right-hand side. In Facebook, for instance, they are part of the News Feed. These ads have a nearly 50 times higher click rate compared to their traditional counterparts. This is a good reason for investing in them.Use real-time marketing techniques and analytics.It is always more efficient to target prospect customers in real time rather than to wait for the results. Now this is perfectly possible with social networks like Twitter and various mobile applications. With this technique, you will achieve higher conversion rate in the long term. The real-time analytics are gaining speed as well. They provide more detailed information and enable you to increase the effectiveness of your strategies and campaigns.Plan your internet marketing strategies based on the current trends to achieve the best results.